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On Wednesday February 28th, episode 6 of Chicago PD Season 11, entitled Survival, will air on NBC. In which new mission will the agents and detectives embark? Let’s see together some previews!


NBC hasn’t released any synopsis that teases what’s going to happen on Chicago PD S11. Keep following us to know more – we’ll upload it as soon as it’s out!

Intelligence teams up with ASA Chapman to take on an abduction case involving a teenager. The case hits close to home for Voight, leading him to take a personal interest in finding justice for the victim.

Atwater’s Leadership Journey and Unseen Challenges

In the intense world of “Chicago P.D.,” Officer Kevin Atwater, portrayed by LaRoyce Hawkins, grapples with a haunting experience in the recent episode titled “Split Second.” A gripping storyline unfolds as a civilian is shot during a robbery, bleeding out between locked double doors. Atwater, portrayed with raw emotion by Hawkins, finds himself unable to access the victim due to missing keys. The episode takes a poignant turn when, in a twist of fate, the key is discovered under shattered glass, leaving Atwater with an unforgettable face etched in his memory.

In an exclusive conversation with TV Insider, Hawkins delves into the profound impact of real-life stories shared by Brian Luce, the show’s tech advisor and producer, who draws from his experiences as a former cop.

The narratives resonate deeply with the cast, emphasizing the indelible faces that linger in the minds of those in the line of duty. Hawkins reflects on the weight these faces carry, especially those of individuals who couldn’t be saved, highlighting how they become a constant presence, even in the quiet moments before sleep.

As the narrative unfolds, Atwater’s character faces a subtle transformation, hinting at a lingering trauma in the upcoming episode 1106. Hawkins teases a carefully crafted Easter egg, inviting fans to spot the nuanced details that might reveal Atwater’s ongoing struggle with the recent traumatic incident. The actor shares his excitement about the potential fan reactions, underscoring the intricate storytelling techniques employed by the show.

Looking forward, Hawkins provides a glimpse into Atwater’s evolving leadership role within the Intelligence unit.

Atwater’s commitment to being a bridge between the Black community and law enforcement remains unwavering. The actor expresses his dedication to maintaining an invisible net, offering support without intrusion, emphasizing his readiness to catch anyone falling within the unit.

One notable dynamic in Atwater’s journey is his relationship with Torres, the newest addition to Intelligence, portrayed by Benjamin Levy Aguilar. Hawkins reveals this to be one of his favorite relationships within the unit, showcasing the camaraderie that adds depth to the show’s ensemble.

Additionally, viewers can anticipate Atwater’s protective instincts coming to the forefront in an upcoming episode involving Sergeant Hank Voight, portrayed by Jason Beghe. Hawkins hints at Atwater’s commitment to shield Voight from his old rage, emphasizing a deep respect that transcends the professional realm, highlighting Atwater’s role as a bridge and an invisible net for the entire unit.

As “Chicago P.D.” continues to navigate the complexities of law enforcement, Hawkins’ portrayal of Officer Kevin Atwater promises an emotional rollercoaster, blending raw realism with the nuanced dynamics of leadership and camaraderie within the Intelligence unit. With each episode, the audience is invited to peel back the layers, uncovering the intricate storytelling that keeps fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in Atwater’s compelling journey.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Atwater marries them [Burgess and Ruzek, ndr],” he tells TV Insider. “Every now and then, they take pages out of our personal playbooks for these characters. And LaRoyce Hawkins is an ordained minister. I have been for about three years. I have married a couple before. So it would be dope to see them implement that and just to get everybody involved. Plus, I’ve been there the whole time, the powerful Black third wheel.”

Hawkins has been on P.D. since the beginning (and he has no plans to leave), so what would surprise Season 1 Atwater the most about who he is now? “I think he would be surprised to see all these lines,” laughs the star.

“For real, sometimes we get these big episodes that I’m blessed to carry, and it is night and day compared to the way that my role started on this show. And the growth and development part for me is the most important,” he continues. “It is my favorite thing about it all. I’ve been able to just grow with this cast and become an integral part of the band as we do our best to make this beautiful cop music, and just the way that my instrument is being utilized at this point, I think Atwater would be surprised now and proud.” He is still hoping for his character to get that detective badge, as are we.

Showrunner talks about Upton’s upcoming exit

“She’s struggling,” Sigan told TV Insider. “I think that neither of them knew that this is how that would end — at least for now — that this is where their relationship would go. So I think she’s angry. I think what I see that anger as is more internal anger. It’s faced inward at this point, and where it’s coming out externally, it’s coming out at the job. And it’s also kind of triggering a lot of other things that have built up in her and a lot of other things that I don’t think she’s ever dealt with.”

She continued, “This is a woman prone to abandonment issues because of what she’s been through in the past and because of her family life. And so it’s going to be really interesting to see that struggle this year and to see that it really becomes not so much about Jay, it’s more so about her and realizing some things about herself that she needs to work on and work through so that she can get to the other side and so that she can see that maybe there’s a whole world out there for Upton that she hasn’t been able to explore yet. So I’m excited. I think it’s going to be a really nice arc for her this year.”

The premiere also saw her admit to Voight (Jason Beghe)

“If I’m not shutting down, I’m angry, and I don’t know why. I’m not mad at Jay. I’m really not. I should be good. I should be moving on by now. We all should be moving on. But I’m not, and I don’t know why. I wasn’t paying attention with Cam. And I can’t be a good cop if I’m angry. I don’t know what to do. Tell me what to do. … I’ll do it. Anything. How do I fix it?” He didn’t have an answer for her.

Figuring all that out is part of her arc in Season 11, Sigan confirmed. “We’ve got some fun ways to do that. It is always hard to tell a mental health story or to tell an internal story on a show like ours, but we’ve got some clever ways to do it. So it will be her dealing with what’s going on, figuring out what’s going on, and then yeah, finding ways through it and finding ways to grow.”

Promotional pictures

ABC has now released the promotional pictures– What’s next for our favourite cops and detectives? We’ll soon find out!


NBC has released a first promo that tease what’s going to happen on Chicago PD. Keep following us to know more – we’ll upload them as soon as it’s out!

What do you think about this first preview on “Chicago PD”? We at Survived The Shows are looking forward to watch it!



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