Chicago Med QUIZ – How much do you know Maggie?


Maggie is a mainstay of Chicago Med ‘s Emergency Department – let’s see how much you know about her in this brand new quiz dedicated entirely to her.

Chicago Med QUIZ - How much do you know Maggie?
Chicago Med QUIZ – How much do you know Maggie?

Maggie with her always ringing tablet ready to direct when the ambulances arrive at Chicago Med. For many fans of the TV series Chicago Med, she is a pain in the ass, but in reality she is a very sweet and caring person; sometimes risking her own life to save her patients.

Friend, confidante, mother, colleague…everyone at Chicago Med loves her and she is considered a heroine who can always be counted on for nothing and no one can stop her. Woe be unto her if she has an idea she fights with all her might to make it a reality. And she succeeds ALWAYS AND EVERYWHERE, no matter what it costs!

She always gives a smile or a sweet word to those who need it most, whether patient or doctor, it makes no difference. She is the one you can always count on. Today One Chicago fans, we want to test how much you know about this SUPER WOMAN to be written in CAPITAL letters..


#1. What is the name of the actress who plays Maggie?

#2. In which One Chicago show does she appear?

#3. What role does Maggie play on Chicago Med?

#4. What happens to Maggie that is unusual?

#5. What did Maggie donate to a patient?

#6. What does she find out she has as a result of this donation?

#7. Where does Maggie meet her husband?

#8. What is the name of Maggie's husband?


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