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connor rhodes chicago med

How can we forget Dr. Connor Rhodes from Chicago Med – Let’s see how much you know him in our brand new quiz entirely dedicated to him.

Describing Dr Connor Rhodes as handsome is slightly reductive but impossible to have is right.

I fight all of you that there isn’t a woman who hasn’t seen his wonderful tattoos peeking out of her lab coat. He has an impulsive nature, he operates on his patients with “unconventional” methods, as I would call them, always trying to help and listen to the will of the patient if he is conscious or not, and about his loved ones (as he did with Stella Kidd, when he exported only part of the lung at the request of the fire department, so that Stella could continue her work at Firehouse 51).

Sometimes his decisions turn out to be successful, sometimes unfortunately not, putting him in a psychological catatonic state, i.e. physically he is there but mentally he is absent.

Test yourself on how much you know the much beloved doctor Connor Rhodes from Chicago Med, one of the shows on the One Chicago franchise!

This quiz no longer exists

Share your quiz results on how well you know Dr Connor Rhodes from Chicago Med in the comments and let’s see how much you know about this much beloved character. May the best win!

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