Beyond Stars Hollow: Kelly Bishop’s Showbiz Odyssey in ‘The Third Gilmore Girl’


In a stunning revelation for fans of the iconic Gilmore Girls,” Broadway legend and beloved actress Kelly Bishop is set to captivate audiences once again, not on the screen this time, but through the pages of her upcoming memoir, ” The Third Gilmore Girl.”

‘The Third Girl’ will release on September 17th. This eagerly anticipated book promises an intimate journey through Bishop’s six-decade-long career in show business. From the dazzling lights of Broadway to the enchanting town of Stars Hollow.

As the Tony-Award-winning actor prepares to share her life story, readers can expect a front-row seat to Bishop’s early days on Broadway., Where she first gained fame as an original cast member in the legendary “A Chorus Line.” The memoir is poised to unfold the fascinating chapters of her life, recounting experiences from the bright lights of Broadway to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, featuring memorable moments from her roles in “Dirty Dancing” and, of course, the beloved “Gilmore Girls.

Bishop’s portrayal of Emily Gilmore, the sophisticated and often formidable matriarch of the Gilmore family, left an indelible mark on television history. The memoir promises an insider’s perspective on the making of this iconic character, with Bishop delving into her collaboration with “Gilmore Girls” creator Amy Sherman-Palladino.

The actress has been a constant presence in Sherman-Palladino’s projects, extending her talent from the original WB/CW hit to the Netflix revival and the short-lived but beloved ballet dramedy “Bunheads.”

Bishop’s recent role as a cunning matchmaker on the Emmy-winning Amazon series “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” only adds more layers to her illustrious career.

Reflecting on her career in an interview during the premiere of the Netflix revival, Bishop emphasized the importance of quality material in creating good television. Her admiration for Sherman-Palladino’s ability to provide such material is evident. Reinforcing the anticipation for the intriguing behind-the-scenes stories that might be unveiled in her memoir.

In a statement to People, Bishop expressed her excitement about bringing fans along on the journey of her life. From her initial steps onto a Broadway stage to the charming fictional town of Stars Hollow.

With promises to share anecdotes, experiences, and perhaps a few secrets from her time on various sets, “The Third Gilmore Girl” is set to be a must-read for fans of the actress and the shows that have defined her career.

As Bishop gears up to spill the tea about her time on the set of Stars Hollow, readers can expect a candid account of the highs and lows of her career, the friendships formed, and the challenges faced. From the wild tales of her Broadway beginnings to the intriguing dynamics behind the scenes of “Gilmore Girls,” this memoir is shaping up to be a treasure trove of entertainment history, offering a glimpse into the life of a true showbiz legend.

So mark your calendars for September 17th, as Kelly Bishop invites you to join her on a captivating journey through “The Third Gilmore Girl.”

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Source: Variety

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