Grey’s Anatomy’s Alex and Arizona are the best prodigee/mentor couple?

alex e arizona

The relationship between Alex and Arizona is certainly one of the most important relationships developed in Grey’s Anatomy.

Arizona Robbins

Arizona Robbins was a character in the television series Grey’s Anatomy, played by actress Jessica Capshaw.

She is a pediatric surgeon who appears in season five as a replacement for Dr. Jordan Kenley, who suffered a heart attack while visiting a patient.

She will be confirmed as a regular character of the series from the sixth season to the end of the fourteenth. S

he is nice and funny, she goes around the hospital with skates; hence her nickname “Roller skates”. She is a capable surgeon and does her job with passion. Little is known about her; she revealed that she had a brother who died in the war. Arizona is also gay and is in love with Callie.

Arizona Robbins

Alex Karev

Alexander “Alex” Michael Karev was a character from the television series Grey’s Anatomy, played by Justin Chambers.

He has always wanted to be a successful plastic surgeon and will later seek the help of Mark Sloan. But in the sixth and seventh season he begins to consider the idea of ​​specializing in pediatric surgery becoming, at the end of the eighth season, a surgeon pediatric.

Alex presents himself as an arrogant, full of himself, grumpy character. But over the seasons we see that his being so hard about him is nothing more than an armor, built out of a difficult past.

Thanks to his love affairs (with Izzie and Jo) and the help of his mentor, Arizona, Alex manages to break up and become one of the best characters in the series.

Alex and Arizona relationship

When Alex and Arizona first met, Arizona was the new attending assigned to a young boy’s case after the previous doctor died.

Arizona insisted on putting the child on the transplant list as soon as possible, and she was surprised that nobody had done that already, given the state of the boy’s intestines and liver.

Both Alex and Miranda Bailey didn’t like Arizona’s new approach, and they complained about her behind her back. Alex was bugged by Arizona’s perkiness, even when they had to harvest a dying child’s organs to save their own patient.

For the most part, watching Arizona’s and Alex’s friendship blossom over the course of ten seasons was a joy to behold.

Alex learned how to be sensitive, not just with his young patients, but their parents, as well, and Arizona got a brilliant new peds surgeon.

The plane crash and the consequences after it

This all went swimmingly until the dreaded plane crash occurred. If anything, the aftermath was even more brutal than the crash itself.

The injured were transferred to Seattle Grace, but Arizona’s infection in her leg threatened to kill her.

Therefore Alex had to cut off her leg, potentially jeopardizing their friendship.

Between the two, after the incident the relationship changed drastically. But as time goes on, Arizona realizes that Alex’s decision was to save her life.

Alex and Arizona did have an amazing relationship on Grey’s Anatomy, despite all their ups and downs. However, the main reason why they are not truly friends is because their relationship consists of a mentor/mentee situation.

Alex and Arizona

They’ve never really hung out together outside of work properly, and they don’t really discuss their personal lives with each other.

They like each other and respect the hell out of each other, but it’s mainly professional between the two. Despite this, both Arizona and Alex have had a massive impact on each other’s lives, and they will always be important to one another.

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