9 Ravenclaw characters in iconic TV series!

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For many of us nerds, when the world of Harry Potter and tv series meet, it’s a party. As we know at Hogwarts there are four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw. Today we’ll be dwelling on this latter, giving you our personal list of 9 TV characters who belong to the Ravenclaw house.

Following the Harry Potter wikia, i’m summing up the main points of the Ravenclaw house. Corinna Ravenclaw loved to study more than any other thing, as well as any of the students of her house. The members of this house are characterized by their ingenuity. They’re very excentric and most of the times misunderstood, but capable of making many friends as well. The characteristics that distinguish a Ravenclaw are intelligence, curiosity and creativity. They’re weird on its way, like our Luna Lovegood, and they love to imagine. The house element is air. The house ghost is the Grey Lady. Their common room is locate into the Ravenclaw Tower, and to enter it you have to answer correctly to a question that will be given to you by a bronze batacchio with the shape of a ravenclaw.

Ravenclaws, in general, think that Gryffindors are exibitionists and exaggerated, but they still had a good relationship. While we should keep attention to Slytherin and most of its students doesn’t have a good relationship with Ravenclaw. But, on various point of views, may seem very similar: Ravenclaws are argute like Sytherins too. Then Ravenclaws think that Hufflepuffs aren’t very intelligent and wise, but a little careless and naive. However they recognize to be kind and sweet on the next.

The 100 – Raven Reyes

9 Ravenclaw characters in iconic TV series!

Raven Reyes is one of the protagonists of the post-apocalyptic tv series The 100, in which the earth is inhabitable and the survivors are forced to live in spacecraft with some strict rules. Raven isn’t one of the 100 detained minors that were sent to the Earth to find out if it’s habitable but she comes later for trying to save his boyfriend Finn. Although Reyes grew up with a mother with drinking problems, she managed to become an excellent and talented mechanic engineer. Super intelligent, argute and awake she turned up to be a backbone of the series.

Outlander- Brianna Fraser

9 Ravenclaw characters in iconic TV series!

Brianna Fraser starts to appear on Outlander only at season three and she’s the super redhaired daughter of Jamie and Claire. From the beginning she proves to be up to date, mature and progressive both in the 60s and the past where she goes back to try to save his parents from a prophecy of destiny.

Lucifer – Ella Lopez

9 Ravenclaw characters in iconic TV series!

The forensic Ella Lopez arrives on Lucifer, one of the hottest Netflix tv series, only from season two but soon she enters the heart of the fans of the show. A genius in his own field, ironic, fun and famous for her hugs. In a word: adorable.

The Fosters + Good Trouble – Mariana Adams Foster

Mariana Adams-Fosters gets adopted alongside her twin brother Jesus in the rainbow family Adams-Fosters. The two moms, the acquired brothers and sisters give her stability that her biological parents couldn’t. Mariana as a good Ravenclaw is very intelligent, competitive and talented. She becomes a great computer engineer!

The Handmaid’s Tale – Nick Blaine

Nick Blaine is the only acceptable male character in the distopic world of Gilead of The Handmaid’s Tale. He moves in the shadows, by calculating every single move like in a chess game. Intelligent, clever and calculating. These characteristics make him surely join the Ravenclaw house. Everything flows smooth for him until he meets June.

Pretty Little Liars + Ravenswood – Caleb Rivers

Caleb Rivers is one of the liars’ love interest. So he starts to be one of the Pretty Little Liars characters, by becoming of the most controversial characters of the show and his shortest spin off Ravenswood. At the beginning he was a two-faced hacker and little beggar that tries in some way to survive, victim of the american system. He excells in computer science by becoming also an ally of our liars soon.

The Walking Dead – Maggie Rhee

Maggie Rhee, like her colleagues in The Walking Dead, isn’t of course very lucky but certainly gives all the enemies she meets on her way a hard time. A strong woman, a fearsome widow, a prou mother. This is what Maggie becomes after losing all her loved ones in her family and after losing the love of his life Glenn. In some way though she manages to keep a certain clarity, she’s a calculating and good mediatrix. Ravenclaw house would surely welcome her with open arms.

One Tree Hill – Haley James Scott

Haley James Scott at the beginning of One Tree Hill was just a teenage tutor girl and we fans of the series learned to love her for it. During the nine seasons that brought her to be a realized woman (mother, wife, artist) but she always proved intelligence and style out of the ordinary.

Arrow – Felicity Smoak

Felicity Smoak from Arrow is a blondie nerd and an IT expert, she becomes Oliver Queen, the protagonist of the show’s first essential ally, then friend and lastly wife and soulmate. When i think of a Ravenclaw, i can’t help imagining Overwatch’s clumsiness, cunning and irony.

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