5 Grey’s Anatomy Cast Exits That Broke Our Hearts!

grey's anatomy cast exits

From T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl to Sara Ramirez and Patrick Dempsey to Ellen Pompeo’s limited role in season 19, we chose 5 among Grey’s Anatomy ‘s biggest and most dramatic cast exits over the course of the medical drama’s life.

Here’s a look back at those who according to us are the 5 most dramatic cast exits on Grey’s Anatomy!

Giacomo Gianniotti (Dr. Andrew DeLuca)

Gianniotti saw his beloved character, DeLuca, receive a hero’s sendoff when the doctor — who had gotten his bipolar disorder under control at the start of season 17 — died in the March 11, 2021 episode. After getting stabbed following a wild goose chase of a sex trafficker that led him (and his sister Carina) all over Seattle.

Justin Chambers (Dr. Alex Karev)

Chambers announced in mid-January 2020 that he would be leaving Grey’s Anatomy after 15 years on the medical drama, ET confirmed. Adding to the abrupt announcement is the news that Chambers’ last episode already aired on Nov. 14, 2019.

“There’s no good time to say goodbye to a show and character that’s defined so much of my life for the past 15 years. Chambers said in a statement to ET. “For some time now, however, I have hoped to diversify my acting roles and career choices. And, as I turn 50 and am blessed with my remarkable, supportive wife and five wonderful children, now is that time. As I move on from Grey’s Anatomy, I want to thank the ABC family, Shonda Rhimes, original cast members Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens. and the rest of the amazing cast and crew, both past and present, and, of course, the fans for an extraordinary ride,” he added.

T.R. Knight (Dr. George O’Malley)

Knight was the first major cast departure for Grey’s, leaving in tragic yet heroic fashion at the end of season five. In his final episodes, his beloved character, George, ran in front of a bus in an effort to save a woman but was hit himself — still one of TV’s most shocking moments — resulting in being completely unrecognizable to the doctors when he was rushed in. He would later die from his injuries. Which became the topic of early season six, as his former colleagues mourned his death and attended his funeral. 

Patrick Dempsey (Dr. Derek Shepherd)

Dempsey’s exit in season 11 was one of the most shocking moments in the history of Grey’s, as his character, also known as “McDreamy,” was one-half of the main couple on the series alongside Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith Grey. In his final episode, Derek was rushed to the ER after a large semi truck struck his car. The team of under-trained doctors were unable to save him in time, forcing Meredith to pull the plug.

Sandra Oh (Dr. Cristina Yang)

Oh was one of the original cast members on Grey’s when it debuted in 2005 and was on the show for 10 seasons until she left in 2014, when Cristina made the leap to relocate and start anew in Zurich. As Meredith’s “person,” Owen’s on-again/off-again love and a star surgeon, Oh’s character was one of the most beloved of the series and speculation of a potential return has permeated ever since her departure

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Source: ET Online

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