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You may know American actress Lili Reinhart for playing Betty Cooper in The CW television series Riverdale – Let’s see 12 fun facts you don’t know about Lili Reinhart. Do you think you know everything about her?

10 facts you didn't know about 'Riverdale' actress Lili Reinhart

1- She is of German and French-Canadian descent.

2- She was turned down for Betty Cooper a few times before she actually got the role, as were several of her fellow castmates for their respective characters.

3- She said that if acting didn’t work out, her plan was to go to beauty school, “because that seemed like the only other thing I was passionate about” she stated.

4- She has multiple tattoos, like the arrow on her left forearm represents her relationship with depression and anxiety.

5- She said she doesn’t want to do another TV show when “Riverdale” ends. She wants to “be able to do other things”.

But that’s not all!

6- She’s a writer too! She published her first poetry book in 2020, called “Swimming Lessons”.

7- She was the executive producer for her first time with her movie, “Chemical Hearts”.

8- Lili Reinhart moved to Los Angeles, California, by herself at 18 years old.

9- Reinhart grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where she was involved with musical theater.

10- She got a manager when she was only 14. She starred in shows like NBC’s “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and Fox’s “Surviving Jack.”

11- She started showing interest in acting at a young age and regularly went to New York to pursue her dream.

12- She did her own makeup on Riverdale because of her struggle with acne. “We have a head of makeup and she’s great, but I know my skin better than anyone else and I know what works,” she said. “Riverdale is such a perfect world that my skin has to look perfect, so I cover my breakouts; it’s just the aesthetic of the show, which can be hard.”

and Bonus

Did you know any of these 12 fun facts about actor Lili Reinhart or not?

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