10 things you don’t know about Virgin River!

virgin river 5 10 things you don't know virgin river

You may know the Netflix television series Virgin River as one of the most heart warming drama around. But do you really know everything about it? Let’s see some things you don’t know.

Here’s some things you don’t know about Virgin River!

virgin river 10 things you don't know

1 – Virgin River is based on a book by Robyn Carr.

2 – This series is filmed in British Columbia, Canada.

3 – This show shares a similar plot with Hart of Dixie (2011) and also an actor involved in both stories. In Hart of Dixie (2011), Tim Matheson’s character is a doctor who has to share his medical practice with a new doctor in town that he dislikes (Rachel Bilson), while in this show he has to work with a new nurse in town that he also dislikes (Alexandra Breckenridge).

4 – Virgin River isn’t actually a town in California. According to Wikipedia, The Virgin River is a tributary of the Colorado River in the U.S. states of Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. The river is about 162 miles (261 km) long.

5 – Both Alexandra Breckenridge and Tim Matheson have recurring roles on This is Us.

But that’s not all…

6 – Mel’s cabin has been featured on many hit shows like The Flash, Psych, Supernatural, and Once Upon A Time.

7 – The award-winning audiobook narrator, Thérèse Plummer,  not only is the voice for some of the Virgin River series audiobooks but is also acting on the show Virgin River. She played Caroline in S1E4.

8 –  The interior of Jack’s Bar itself is a studio set but the exterior is The Watershed Grill in British Columbia’s Brackendale.

9 – Showrunner Sue Tenney chose to create more tension and longing between Mel and Jack in the eshow,, compared to the books.

10 – Mel’s cabin is actually a previous park caretaker’s home in North Shore of Vancouver, Canada, specifically in Murdo Frazer Park.

Did you know any of these fun facts, things you don’t know about Virgin River or not?

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