10 things you don’t know about Netflix star Ignacio Serricchio!

MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 18: Ignacio Serricchio is seen at the "El Recluso" private screening at Telemundo Center on September 18, 2018 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)

You may know Argentine actor Ignacio Serricchio for playing Don West on the Netflix tv show “Lost in Space” or Danny on “Firefly Lane”. Let’s look at some things you don’t know about Ignacio Serricchio.

Here’s a few things you don’t know about Ignacio Serricchio!

1. Ignacio Serricchio was born in Lanùs, Argentina on April 19, 1982.

2. Maybe you know Serricchio because he’s been in every soap imaginable. Maybe not really in every single soap there is, but he’s been in so many soaps that it’s difficult to focus on anything else in his life. He’s been in “The Young and the Restless,” and he’s been part of the “General Hospital” cast, and he’s been in so many other things that are just so amazing.

3. When Ignacio was done with his education as a child, he did not have to go to college. However, he is the kind of young man who knew his life would be easier and his future brighter if he did. He was accepted into the amazing Syracuse University, and that is where he obtained his degree in drama.

4. When you’re a soap star by day, you may dream of being a primetime star by night – and the Netflix star did just that. This is a man who did all the things, and he’s proud of it. He has been in shows such as “Privileged,” on the CW, and many more. He’s a talented man who has shown us he is well-versed in doing anything he wants, and that he is capable of doing more than he knows.

5. Growing up, Ignacio was in Argentina. He’s from Buenos Aires, but that does not mean his culture is pure Argentinian. He has a lot of different cultural backgrounds in his family. He is also a proud Italian and Hispanic, and he is always happy to share his cultural heritage when someone asks about how he was raised.

That’s not all…

6. In addition to his primary language, Ignacio is also fluent in Italian. Of course, he has made it very clear he is also Italian in heritage, so it does not come as a surprise to anyone that he is able to speak such a beautiful language in a fluent manner. He also speaks English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

7. As an actor, Serricchio knows the world wants to know as much as possible, but that certainly doesn’t mean he wants the world to know as much as possible. He is a man who enjoys his privacy and all that it means for him, and he is happy to spend his life focused on his career rather than sharing too much online or with the press.

8. Serricchio was married with Gabrielle Stone.

9. Ignacio Serrichio is the son of Angela Serrichio and Miguel A. Serrichio, he also has a brother Alejandro Sericchio and a sister.

10. Ignacio made his acting debut with the series House M.D. in 2005.

Did you know these trivia facts about actor Ignacio Serricchio or not?

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