10 things you don’t know about Chicago Fire!

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You may know NBC television series Chicago Fire as one of the best firefighters drama around. But do you really know everything about it? Let’s see some things you don’t know.

Here’s some things you don’t know about Chicago Fire!

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1. A scene in Chicago Fire was mistaken for a real tragedy

2. Chicago’s mayor appeared in Chicago Fire

3. The show is shot in a real fire station

4. Chicago Fire prides itself in being as true and realistic as possible when portraying the lives and situations of firefighters, but one scene might have been too real. 

5. The crew works to make the scenes and equipment used by the firefighters as authentic as possible, but of course there always has to be modifications.

6. CFire universe expanded really quickly with the two spin-offs Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med, and it hasn’t necessarily been easy for producers to make all the crossovers work.

7. Stars of the show have become a tight-knit family very much like what happens in real fire stations, but they have an interesting way of bonding

8. Thanks to the popularity of the show, Firehouse 51 or Station 18 in real life has become somewhat of a tourist attraction

9. Showrunner Matt Olmstead said that when they took characters for Chicago P.D. it was like “harvesting organs,” but still left Chicago Fire with an unbelievable cast.

10. The series takes great pride in being in Chicago and NBC has confirmed that they will continue to film there with real locations for the entire series instead of using set pieces in L.A.

Did you know any of these fun facts about Chicago Fire or not?

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