10 things you don’t know about Station 19 actress Jaina Lee Ortiz


You may know actress Jaina Lee Ortiz for playing Andy Herrera in the firefighter centered drama Station 19 – Let’s see 10 things you don’t know about her!

Here’s ten fun facts, things you don’t know about Jaina Lee Ortiz!

Jaina Lee Ortiz 10 facts things you don't know

1. Her real name is Jessica. She kept her surname the same, but for professional reasons, she changed the rest of her name.

2. Her father is Joe Ortiz and he is a first-grade detective for the New York Police Department. What a funny coincidence!

3. Jaine Lee is a professional dancer. She began training to be a dancer when she was nine years old. She became really good at salsa and mambo. By the time she was 15 years old, she started teaching dance. 

4. She is also a make-up artist. She used to work at Mac Cosmetics!

5. She is married with Brad Marques, a scriptwriter!

6. She is a Scorpio

7. She first appeared on Grey’s Anatomy. Fans loved her so it was decided she would be in the Grey’s spinoff Staion 19

8. Jaina Lee is a professionally trained actress. She attended Maggie Flanigan Studios for two years where she learned the Meisner technique

9. In 2009, Ortiz auditioned and was cast on the second season of VH1’s reality show Scream Queens, where she and nine other aspiring actresses competed in challenges based on acting for the opportunity to win the prize of a role in Saw 3D. On the season finale, Ortiz was named first runner-up.

10. She was raised in The Bronx, New York

Did you know any of these fun facts about american actress Jaina Lee Ortiz, one of the most loved stars of Station 19?

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