10 things you didn’t know about ‘Emily in Paris’ lead actress Lily Collins

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You may know English-American actress Lily Collins for playing one of the most discussed role lately. She is playing, in fact, the main character in the Netflix original tv series “Emily in Paris”. But do you know her so well?

Let’s see together some fan facts you don’t know about her!

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1. She just got married with director Charlie McDowell.

2. Lily’s dad is musician, producer Phil Collins. “In The Air Tonight” Phil Collins.

3. Emily in Paris pays nods to SATC’s Carrie Bradshaw.

4. Collins was born March 18, 1989 in Guildford, Surrey, a region in the southeast of England. She moved to Los Angeles with her mother after her parents’ divorce.

5. She studied broadcast journalism at USC.

6. She is a writer.

7. Like her character in “To the Bone,” she suffered an eating disorder as a teen

8. Her parents’ divorce inspired her push for privacy.

9. She loves the outdoors.

10. Lily Collins began acting at the age of two in the BBC series Growing Pains.

Did you know these curiosities about actress Lily Collins or not?

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