10 things you don’t know about ‘Chicago Fire’ actor Miranda Rae Mayo!

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You may know American actress Miranda Rae Mayo for playing Lt Stella Kidd in the NBC television series Chicago Fire. But do you really know everything about her? Let’s see some things you don’t know about Mayo.

Here’s some things you don’t know about Miranda Rae Mayo!

stella kidd things you don't know chicago fire

1. Miranda was one of the teeming thousands of young hopefuls who move to Hollywood each year to attempt pursuit of their theatrical dreams.

2. in 2011, she got her first role in Law and Order: L.A.

3. Miranda has a spiritual side. Her father was catholic, and she attends services at a ‘spiritual center.’ Miranda told the Chicago Sun-Times that she feels there’s a magical undercurrent to life that connects us all.

4. When it comes to sheer talent, Miranda is far more than just a model-turned-actress. She writes her own music and plays the Cello as well as the piano. Moreover, Mayo is an avid fan of other musicians, including Billie Holiday and John Coltrane.

5. When she’s not buying tickets to see Michelle Obama speak live, playing music, working out, or on set, Miranda takes time out to help her community

6. Mirandas’ live auction “Stripsale” to raise money for teen leadership wasn’t her first good deed by a long shot.

7. Being a local (and national) celebrity has its perks, and the cast of Chicago fire is feeling right at home even when they’re not on set. 

8. During her time on Pretty Little Liars, her character Talia had a lesbian romance with another character named Emily

9. Miranda used her celebrity to help contribute to this year’s Red Nose Day along with many other stars.

10. Miranda’s parents may be divorced, but it hasn’t changed anything about her bond with her mother.

Did you know any of these fun facts about actor Miranda Rae Mayo or not?

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