10 residences from our favourite tv series and where to find them!


Attention: real estate-minded TV buffs! HomeAdvisor identified 52 of America’s most iconic residences from our favourite TV series for a new visual compendium, and many are abodes you can visit in real life.

“Did you know that lurking in the depths of American suburbia, there are some of the most instantly recognizable and Instagrammable places in the USA? They may not be as breathtaking as Yosemite, or as big as the Grand Canyon, but they are beamed into millions of homes across the world every day, making them famous in the eyes of millions.”

TV series residences - homes

Let’s start with the roundup of homes and residences straight from our favorite TV series – and see where we can find them in the real world!

1. Gilmore Girls – Lorelai and Rory’s Residence

TV Homes, Gilmore Girls le case dalle nostre serie TV preferite

The girls’ home in Stars Hollow is in a traditional southern style and is particularly enviable for its wraparound porch (it could be unnerving if you’ve seen too many horror movies). Building was on a studio lot at Warner Brothers in Burbank, CA, which welcomes tourists to the Gilmore residence and the girls’ favorite spots. The home remains mostly the same throughout the show until season six, when Luke and Lorelai decide to take care of repairs around the house.

2. Buffy The Vampireslayer – Summers Residence

Buffy the Vampire Slayer le case dalle nostre serie TV preferite

Revello Drive, Sunnydale, was, in fact, Cota Avenue, Torrance. The home is built in the Craftsman Style, a late 1800s/early 1900s architectural trend linked to the Arts & Crafts Movement – giving it the folky look that so suits the show’s supernatural themes.

3. Charmed – HalliWell Residence

Charmed le case dalle nostre serie TV preferite

Properly known as the Innes House, the property used for the exterior of the main Charmed home was built in the Victorian-era Eastlake style in the 1800s. You may know this creepy property from the video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller, in which it also starred. We wonder if the Halliwell sisters had a special spell to help them with historic home preservation for this centuries-old property?

4. Jane The Virgin – Villanueva Residence

Jane the Virgin le case dalle nostre serie TV preferite

Many TV homes are chosen to look quintessentially American – larger, smaller, or quirkier takes on colonial, ranch-style, or foursquare houses depending on what the creators want to say about the character. On the other hand, Alba and Xiomara’s 1923 bungalow is a rare instance of an art deco-tinged Spanish Colonial Revival-style TV home. The home provides a safe landing place for the Villanueva women throughout the show and remains largely unchanged, aside from a season three episode where Alba decides to install new wallpaper (and then abruptly tear it down).

5. Pretty Little Liars – Aria’s Residence

Pretty Little Liars le case dalle nostre serie TV preferite

The outdoors of Aria’s sprawling Craftsman-style home was originally shot on location in Vancouver and is genuinely right opposite the fictional home of her friend Alison DiLaurentis. Though this might disappoint fans, there have been several upgrades to the  5,000-square-foot real-life residence. The owners repainted the house gray and white, replaced the windows and altered the roofline above the porch.

6. Riverdale – Cooper Residence

Riverdale - le case dalle nostre serie TV preferite

Betty Cooper’s Riverdale home is in the Georgian American style. It’s in a real neighborhood of entertainment homes: Charmed, Supernatural, and The Millionaires Club also used locations within a few hundred meters of the New Westminster, BC property.

7. The Handmaid’s Tale – Waterford Residence

The Handmaid’s Tale

Real Waterford House was originally known as Ingleneuk, an old word for a fireside reading nook. The red-brick house can be found in Hamilton, Ontario, where it was built for the family of a wealthy banker in the 1890s. The famous black railings and Nick’s garage-top apartment were added for the show. Part of what makes the Waterford House eerie, though, is how normal it looks; the open-concept kitchen and the various welcoming components of the layout are a stark juxtaposition against the realities of what life is like inside.

8. The OC – Cohen Residence

The OC

The home where Seth, Ryan, Sandy, and Kirsten lived is on Ocean Breeze Drive in Malibu, 80 miles from the show’s Crystal Cove setting. But it actually exists across a few different properties. The exteriors were shot at number 6205 and the interiors at 6210, a bit further down the street. Sadly, the latter property burned down in the Agoura/Malibu-area fires of 2018.

9. The Walking Dead – Grimes Residence

The Walking Dead

Rick’s ‘King County’ home is actually in Atlanta, Georgia. This 1897-built bungalow has traditional elements such as fireplaces, a claw foot tub, heart pine floors, and original millwork, but has also been modernized with a chef’s kitchen and energy efficiency features. We don’t spend a lot of time in the Grimes home, but it looks like the perfect starter home. The 3-bedroom, 2-bath home boasts two fireplaces and a claw foot tub with heart pine floors and 11” ceilings. (We’re already taking notes on how to install a fireplace of our own.) Thinking about it now? It would’ve been hard to walk away from all of that, even with the imminent zombie apocalypse.

10. This Is Us – Pearson Residence

This is Us

This Is Us is set in an anonymous Pittsburgh suburb. Keen-eyed observers have noticed much of it is filmed in Bethel Park. The Pearsons’ four-bedroom house seems to keep moving. The real thing, however, is very firmly in Eagle Rock. One big takeaway from the show, no matter where you live, is to practice electrical safety and ask your electrical contractor the right questions. Decades-old appliances, lights or even unattended candles can cause massive fires like the infamous one that occurred in the show.

Did you know about these residence locations from tv series? What’s your favourite?

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Source: Home Advisor

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