10 Best Mother’s Day TV Episodes!

festa della mamma episodi serie tv

Mother’s Day is here, and your mom deserves nothing less than the best. In addition to all of the love and gifts that you’ll be showering her with, you can also tune into an episode of one of our favorite Mother’s Day TV episodes to end her special day.

TV Insider rounded up the ones that will make Mom feel right at home with some other awesome mamas. Let’s take a look!

The Golden Girls

Season 3, Episode 25

You better call your mother on Mother’s Day because she’ll be waiting by the phone! The girls begin to reminisce about the stories of Mother’s Days past while they wait for their children to call them before brunch. Sophia starts to get antsy, because she wants to get there before all of the best pieces of shrimp are gone. Lesson learned: call early!

I 10 migliori episodi delle serie TV a celebrare la festa della mamma!

Modern Family

Season 2, episode 21

Claire and Gloria want to go hiking for Mother’s Day, but they cannot stand their kids’ complaining, so they leave them behind. Meanwhile, Phil and Jay cook dinner for their entire family, and Jay gets emotional remembering his mom. It leads to an awkward, but heartwarming moment. In the Tucker-Pritchett household, Cam starts to worry about the roles in his and Mitchell’s relationship when Mitchell brings him breakfast in bed.

I 10 migliori episodi delle serie TV a celebrare la festa della mamma!

Leah Remini: It’s All Relative

Season 2, Episode 1

Leah and her sisters, Nicole and Shannon, throw a little tea party for their mom Vicki. During tea, they ask Vicki what she wants to do for Mother’s Day, expecting no answer. However, much to their surprise, Vicki says she wants to have lunch and a sleepover. To make the day a little more special, the sisters also plan to recreate old pictures.

Orange is the New Black

Season 3, Episode 1

Caputo feels like the inmates need a better connection with what’s going on outside of prison, so he comes up with the idea of a Mother’s Day Fair for the inmates and their moms. Needless to say, the sentimental holiday has all of the inmates bringing their mixed feelings to light.

Everybody Loves Raymond

Season 6, Episode 22

Marie and Debra have the mother of all fights right before Mother’s Day. By the time the holiday rolls around, they are both giving each other the silent treatment. To make matter worse, the women try to force Frank, Ray and Robert to choose sides. Nobody wins in this situation.

30 Rock

Season 4, Episode 20

All the moms of The Girlie Show’s cast and crew are invited to visit the set for Mother’s Day. Liz’s mother reveals to her that the love of her life was astronaut Buzz Aldrin, not Liz’s father, while Jack’s mom starts meddling in his relationships with CNBC host Avery Jessup and his high school crush, Nancy Donovan.

The Goldbergs

Season 3, episode 22

Unsurprisingly, Barry and Erica forget about Mother’s Day, so they quickly come up with “mom coupons” as a last-minute gift, again. Beverly tries to cash in all of the coupons that she saved over the years at the same time, much to the dismay of Barry and Erica. The pair feel bad, and attempt to cook breakfast as an apology, but they end up creating a mess. Beverly appreciates the gesture and forgives them, as any mom would.

Saturday Night Live

Season 35, Episode 21

Betty White is essentially America’s favorite grandmother. Back in 2010, she hosted the Mother Day’s episode of Saturday Night Live. The beloved actress appeared in many of SNL’s iconic sketches including NPR’s Delicious Dish, MacGruber, the Lawrence Welk Show and Scared Straight.

The Middle

Season 1, episode 22

Over the course of its run, The Middle aired several different Mother’s Day episodes, but the best one is the original. Frankie is upset by the lackluster gifts she receives from her kids on Mother’s Day as she thinks they are a bit childish. Instead, she gives herself a re-do and visits her mom the next day. But her mother is not too thrilled to see her.

Bob’s Burgers

Season 7, Episode 20

Linda is down for the count with a cold and is unable to make the kids’ Mothers and Primary Caregiver Appreciation Cabaret at school. Bob promises to record the show, but things go awry when his camcorder breaks. Instead, the kids recreate the pageant at home for her to see.

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